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About Academy

Israel Medical Training Academy (IMTA) - postgraduate educational project of Sapir Medical Clinic, developed on the basis of many years’ experience in the field of international medicine and practice.

As a center of postgraduate academic education IMTA provides:

  • access to the latest achievements of Israeli and world medical science and practice;
  • opportunity to take advantage of the unique experience and encyclopedic knowledge of leading Israeli specialists, including authoring methods and questions connected with rational organization of effective medical care.

The goal of our work is to train physicians from all over the world in order to develop their careers in healthcare making a significant difference in their lives, and in the lives of their patients. To do this, we offer extensive services to help trainees to excel personally and academically in the growing field of healthcare.

A wide range of our services makes it possible to organize training in accordance with needs and tasks of each student, ensuring optimal conditions for personal and professional growth in the chosen area and in related areas also.

Headquartered in Tel-Aviv, we offer programs online and on campus. Today, we are proud to offer: webinars, video lections, online consultations, seminars, study tours and internships in the leading clinics of Israel.


Israel Medical Training Academy is a dynamic educational institution, with innovative approaches to the educational process and modern equipment, committed to equipping and empowering physicians to excel in healthcare careers and further development. We strive to provide a quality of education that maximizes benefit to our students in the field of professional training, build self-confidence and cause moral satisfaction


To be a leader in providing successful training outcomes for our trainees through a culture of innovation, commitment, responsible approach and high level of service delivery.


Act with integrity

Excellent training outcomes

Work as one

Pursue results
with purpose

Have fun.
Build energy

Commit to
employee success


  • Mark Kazenelson

    Founder and CEO of the Israel Medical Training Academy, as well as the Israeli medical center Sapir Medical Clinic, the author of a series of books, several dozen articles and publications on medical tourism.