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Irina Zheveljuk, MD


Irina Zheveljuk, MD
Leading Israeli expert in neurosurgical treatment of oncology patients according to individual treatment plans and by using the most effective traditional methods and innovations

Lecturing Experience and Teaching Activities

Irina Zheveljuk, using perfect communication skills, can quickly and easily make contact with her audience and always involves her listeners in lectures. At the IMTA, Dr. Zheveljuk:
  • Gives her webinar “Modern Approaches to Managing Oncology Patients Throughout Treatment” for practicing chemotherapists and heads of specialized departments.
  • Organizes thematic seminars at the Chemotherapy Unity of the Assuta Medical Center.
  • Leads training courses for chemotherapists and radiologists focused on expanding their experience in treating patients with breast and gynecologic, thoracic, abdominal, and pelvic cancer.
  • Offers consultations for practicing physicians concerning techniques and extent of chemotherapy in complicated clinical situations and with a limited budget or provision of medicines. Provides consultative support to directors on managing chemotherapy departments.

Current Position and Primary Specialization

Head of the Outpatient Department in the Chemotherapy Unit at the Assuta Medical Center. Physician of Superior Merit, expert in the neurosurgical treatment of oncology patients

Scientific Activities and Achievements

In the Chemotherapy Unit, Irina Zhevaluk guides research activity in the area of adjuvant and replacement breast cancer treatment, and metastatic cancer treatment. Studies thoracic cancer and lung sarcoma. Has author a great number of scientific works that have been published in highly reputed publications. Regularly speaks at research and clinical conferences for breast cancer treatment innovations. Is a consulting physician of the Israel Cancer Association and active member of Israeli and American societies for clinical oncology and radiotherapy.

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