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Professor Michael Kurtz


Professor Michael Kurtz
He is an oncologist, a professor, a graduate of the famous Boston University and a practicing specialist of the highest qualification in the field of breast surgery. He has an expert knowledge and vast practical experience, perfect possession of advanced techniques for taking biopsy material and surgical interventions.

Lecturing Experience and Teaching Activities. 

Professor Kurtz builds his program of seminars and webinars to meet the most pressing issues, and innovative approaches to the diagnosis, treatment and follow-up rehabilitation of patients with breast cancer. A talented lecturer takes the attention of listeners from the first minutes of the lesson and attracts them to actively participate in the discussion of the topics covered. He presents the information in a simple and understandable form, uses demo materials that facilitate its perception and simplifies memorization. In IMTA Dr. Kurtz:

  • Conducts webinars for mammologists, oncologists, surgeons and oncohirurgists with different levels of training and specialization, as well as organizes thematic seminars at the Soroka hospital.

  • Trains specialists to acquire and develop practical skills for taking biopsy material and performing surgical operations on the mammary gland with the

  • Provides comprehensive advice to oncologists specializing in this field. Conducts remote online consultations directly in the process of performing diagnostic procedures and surgical interventions.

Current Position and Primary Specialization. 

The head of the Breast Health Center at Soroka Hospital, who has worked for more than 10 years in leading US profile clinics. Specialist of the highest qualification category in the field of diagnostics, surgical treatment and subsequent rehabilitation of patients with breast tumors.

Scientific Activities and Achievements. 

Conducts thematic seminars and scientific conferences in Israel and abroad. He is an active member of the Association of Israeli Oncology, the Israeli Surgical Society, the American Association of Surgeons. Member of the Israeli Steering Committee for Breast Disease. Winner of the grant of the United Jewish Appeal, designed to raise awareness and support for breast cancer patients. The author of more than 40 scientific papers published in reputable medical journals.

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