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Professor Shimon Rohkind

Spinal and neurosurgeon

Professor Shimon Rohkind
Professor, active member of RAMS, and global expert in neurosurgery, spinal surgery, and peripheral nerve microsurgery.

Lecturing Experience and Teaching Activities

Presented both live and remotely, Shimon Rohkind's seminars are not only a goldmine of information, but also a great opportunity to communicate with one of the best specialists in this area. At the IMTA, Dr. Rokhind:
  • Gives webinars for neurosurgeons and neurologists using programs designed considering a given chosen career path. Apart from his comprehensive information awareness, the professor's main qualities are an excellent vocabulary, flawless logic, the ability to involve the audience in the teaching process, and unique demonstration materials.
  • Thematic seminars given by professor Rohkind are a unique opportunity for productive professional communication.
  • Each of Dr. Rohkind's trainees gain experience and skills while using laser and bio-engineering technologies, as well as innovative neuroendoscopic techniques under the professor's personal supervision.
  • Dr. Rohkind offers consultations for specialists on any issues concerning up-to-date approaches to the diagnosis and treatment of neurosurgical patients, including reparative microsurgery of the peripheral nerves; diagnostic and treatment neuroendocrinoscopy; surgical interventions in cases of cauda equina syndrome, intervertebral disc protrusions, and spinal disc herniation using minimally invasive techniques; and microsurgical resection of extramedullar and intramedullar tumors.

Current Position and Primary Specialization

Head of the Israeli Society of Laser Neurotechnologies, editorial staff of “Laser Surgery” and “Photomedicine”. Practicing neurosurgeon engaged in teaching and scientific activities.

Scientific Activities and Achievements

Laureate of several international and domestic awards. Global expert in the field of modern surgical treatment of neurospinal disorders, member of RAMS, and member of multiple specialized international associations. His reviews are published in specialized medical journals, and he is the author of multiple scientific publications and several monographs.

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