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According to WHO statistics, the world`s highest remission rate in oncology patients was registered among those who were treated in Israel. Optimization of diagnostic and care services in combination with a proper therapeutic regimen and the most effective options in each case allows Israeli specialists to achieve such results. Instructors at the IMTA teach foreign oncologists to use innovative technologies and a rational approach to cancer care management that is focused on disease control, extension of the patient’s life, and improvement of the quality of life.


A unique combination of our specialists’ professional skills, long-term experience, state-of-the-art technological solutions, and a practical foundation leads to the effective rehabilitation of patients with various diseases and in varying conditions. Rehabilitation training courses, held by leading Israeli recreational therapists, help trainees to understand modern approaches to the rehabilitation process and gain experience in using innovative techniques and exclusive developments.


All otolaryngologists attending the IMTA gain unique theoretical knowledge and practical skills that are needed to deal with such recent issues as snoring reduction, hearing restoration, painless adenoidectomy and tonsillectomy, and so on. Experts in otolaryngology impart their knowledge on advanced diagnostics, innovative mini-invasive methods of surgical treatment with the use of the newest intelligent equipment, and management of patients with different ENT diseases.


Regardless of a patient`s personality traits, the complexity of the intervention, or the character of the disease, the outcomes achieved in Israel are positive in nearly 100% of cases. Such a high rate of successful operations resulted not only from the implementation of new technologies and equipment, but also from innovative approaches to the treatment at all stages. Our instructors will grant you access to unique achievements of Israeli surgery in terms of webinars, seminars, familiarization tours, training with lead surgeons of various specializations, and online consultations (in real time).


Neurology is one of the most advanced areas of medicine in Israel with high rates of stable remissions and recoveries. Upon completion of IMTA courses, practicing neurologists get the opportunity to master their skills and learn about the complex approaches to neurological care, including timely and precise diagnostics, effective surgical and therapeutic options, rehabilitation, and social and occupational adaptation programs.


The top Israeli specialists at IMTA are engaged in treating different musculoskeletal disorders, including degenerative diseases and sports-related injuries. During your training, you will obtain necessary information on approaches to therapeutic and surgical treatment of patients, how to master surgical interventions, operation of innovative methods, materials, equipment, as well as information on complex rehabilitation, which is designed to maximize the restoration of motor function.


90% of all patients treated in the urology departments of Israeli clinics fully recover, while all the rest achieve long-term remission and keep their quality of life in tact. At IMTA, unlimited access to the knowledge and experience of leading Israeli urologists will help you understand new methods of treatment and approaches to managing effective urological care.


Precise diagnostics, active use of state-of-the-art surgical techniques and equipment, in combination with advanced therapeutic protocols and unique rehabilitation programs, define the success of Israeli specialists in treating patients with ophthalmic diseases. The knowledge and skills gained during our program represent your opportunity for professional advancement.


Practicing gynecologists enrolled at the IMTA have the unique opportunity to make use of the knowledge and experience of the leading Israeli specialists. You will learn to use progressive technologies wisely and confidently for timely and precise diagnoses, effective surgical and conservative therapy, and full rehabilitation. The course includes handling intelligent robotic systems for minimally invasive surgery (Da Vinci, etc.) and an overview of modern methods of drug therapy.


Our specialists will grant you the access to precise screening techniques and extremely effective treatment regimens for patients with gastrointestinal diseases of varying severity and etiology. Specialized professionals armed with encyclopedic knowledge, unique skills, as well as long-term experience in teaching and caring for patients are always ready to interact with Russian-speaking gerontologists who are aspiring to improve their skills up to modern global standards.


The particular approach to every patient`s treatment and rehabilitation, including the family and geriatric psychotherapy, leads to the highest level of mental healthcare in Israel. Every trainee at the IMTA is offered unlimited access to the great wealth of knowledge and experience of leading Israeli psychiatrists and behavioral therapists.


90% of all patients with endocrinological disorders who have undergone a course of treatment in Israeli clinics fully recover or achieve the fullest possible remission with an improvement in the quality and length of life. Students of IMTA are all taught by leading specialists in endocrinology who have a mountain of encyclopedic knowledge, professional skills, vast clinical experience, and who have mastered advanced diagnostics technologies and progressive treatment options according to modern surgical and therapeutic protocols.


Pediatric care is not only one of the most successful areas of Israeli medicine but is also one of the specialties with the highest priority. Trainees at the IMTA are taught by highly qualified, world recognized pediatricians with long-term practical experience. They are involved in scientific research, offer consultations to foreign specialists, and use innovative diagnostics, treatment methods, and technologies for the full range of infantile diseases according to unique clinical protocols, including intrauterine treatment.


The use of high technologies, as well as advanced therapeutic and prosthetic options featuring the newest materials, techniques, and equipment is a defining feature of the dental care in Israel. Our highly qualified lecturers, with their vast practical experience, have developed teaching programs especially for IMTA for remote and full-time training of practicing dentists and have provided the unique opportunity of distance consultations in real time.


The outstanding achievements of leading Israeli dermatologists attract a great number of patients from around the world, including the former Soviet Union. Attending the IMTA will allow practicing dermatologists to master the most effective and progressive methods of diagnostics and treatment, including those at the first stages of scientific research and clinical trials.


Learning from the best Israeli neurosurgeons is a priceless opportunity to access one of the most advanced areas of medicine in order to solve even the most difficult problems. You are guaranteed to gain theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the fields of advanced diagnostics and intelligent robotic systems for cerebral, medullar, and carotid artery surgery.


Israel Medical Training Academy (IMTA) is a postgraduate medical institution specializing in online medical education and various types of professional training in the field of oncology, orthopedics, rehabilitation and other areas of medicine.

IMTA is a short-term medical training center, focused mainly on the innovative methods of treatment. Academy offers to every student a great opportunity and facility to learn and to get a priceless real-life medical career experience.


Quality and availability

Reduce costs

Saves time



Absence of a language barrier


We are not limited to general medical knowledge, all our programs based on the specifics and directions of your specialization, as well as advanced technologies and innovations, used in the best world medical practice. This approach allows us to provide each student with the most useful information, reducing training time and, at the same moment, increasing its effectiveness.


We are using the same communicative teaching methodology during online training as in traditional teaching with special individual approach. Thanks to the use of modern technologies, the participants of our online classes will be able to ask questions and receive answers in live communication in their native language. The studying process is organized in such a way that the information is assimilated fully, consistently and without causing fatigue.

Forms of training

You can study both individually and in groups. Individual online classes allow you not to be attached to a specific place; group ones allow you to discuss information received with colleagues promptly.


After study, we issue the official certificate of Israel Medical Training Academy according to the highest standards of the Ministry of Health of Israel.