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Experience and technology received during studies in Israel will make a kind of breakthrough in our region and country. Knowledge of English language is not a determining factor and a barrier to learning. Colleagues are friendly and help with every question, including translations. Israeli laboratories have everything, they have the leading laboratories of the world. The training system is very similar to our training system, and Israeli methods combine the techniques of the whole world. Theoretical knowledge is good, but the opportunity to see and apply knowledge in practice, is an invaluable experience for the doctors.

Avdalyan A.
doctor pathologist, doctor of medical sciences
The webinar was very interesting and informative. It evoked the interest of an individual approach in the choice of tactics for treating cancer patients ("treating a person, not a disease"). I was very interested in the possibility of online participation of Israeli doctors in major international oncology forums, as well as the possibility of studying and applying the world's advanced achievements in the field of oncology treatment.

Povoroznyuk M.
doctor oncologist-mammologist, surgeon
I really enjoyed, thank you very much for the seminar. One can only envy that doctors have the opportunity to attend international congresses and seminars paid by the clinics in which they work

Bukharova T.
oncologist, head of the department of the clinic "Mother and Child